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Château Thuerry

The chai

Thanks to our geographical situation at an altitude of 400 meters, hillsides with southern exposition with characteristic soils, and following the inspiration of the “Vigneron” the production in our new Winery of 2300m2, allows us to optimise the quality and characteristic of each grape variety.

From the harvest of our 45 hectares of vines, our production  consists of approximately 45% red, 45% rosé and 10% white wines.

Our grapes, are mechanically picked, then a selection is made of the best grapes, they are then de-stemmed and crushed before descending by gravity into our new fermenting room where the temperature of our vats are regulated by computer.

Two wooden vats allow us to vinify the more promising reds by alternating pumping over and punching of the cap in the vat. The ageing is then effectuated in these vats or in concrete vats. We reserve the wooden barrels for the fleshier Cabernet Sauvignon. All our wines are then bottled on site at their point of development ideal by our own production line. Everyone at Château THUERRY will be pleased to offer you more information during, we hope, your visit to our domain soon.

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